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Getting clicks on your website feels great, but how is that contributing to your long-term success? Focusing on turning those web visitors into leads means your web traffic becomes a valuable lead-generation resource and not just a marketing tool. If your website is allowing users to simply enter and exit without prompting any action from their side then you are potentially missing out on some quality leads. This is where you can implement forms to generate web visits to leads in Salesforce.

You can direct your visitors to a form on your website or create a form pop-up where they can enter their contact information and express their interest in your business and product. This is a quick and powerful way to turn those visitors into leads and build your database. Your forms should be simple and only capture key information about your visitors, this ensures that they are likely to be completed and give your sales and marketing team enough information to follow up on the visitor later. Capturing these web leads in your CRM platform means they are stored in a central database so multiple teams can access the information.

Salesforce Lead Generation with Responsive Web Forms

When creating lead-generating forms for Salesforce, you can choose to capture a variety of data. Consult your sales and marketing teams to ensure that you make the most out of the Salesforce lead generation process by asking the right questions so your teams can use the information to follow up on each lead. Include standard fields for the lead’s name, email address, and number as well as some custom fields such as what industry they are in and what they are specifically looking for. Don’t be tempted to make your form too long, this will turn users off as they feel like they are handing over too much information. Keep it simple and sweet and let your talented sales teams work their magic.

There are multiple tools on the AppExchange you can use to create these forms. When looking through your options consider ease-of-use, versatility, and integration with Salesforce. Ensuring that adoption rates in your team are high through implementing a good tool means that you get more bang for your buck instead of investing in expensive software that hardly anyone in your team uses. We’ve covered a great Salesforce for lead generation tool to convert traffic into leads. 

Convert Traffic Fast with Titan’s Web-to-Lead Form

Using Titan, you can transform your web traffic into leads by capturing personal details of visitors and converting them into valuable data. This zero-code platform empowers your sales and marketing teams to implement forms for web-to-lead in Salesforce. Your web-to-lead forms for Salesforce don’t need to be complicated. Using the drag-and-drop interface you can choose from a range of elements and dynamically sync data from Salesforce to make the form completion process a breeze for your web visitors.

Real-Time Integration of Premium Salesforce Leads

When using Titan, your Salesforce lead form data is automatically synced straight back to Salesforce. This means there is no waiting period before your sales and marketing team can start making headway on following up on those leads. Ensuring that there is not a long waiting period between leads filling out the form and being contacted is vital when it comes to closing those deals.

Connect Salesforce Web Forms to Any Custom Object

You can connect your Salesforce web form to any custom object so you have full freedom to create any form you need and store that information in Salesforce. Connecting your forms to your custom objects means you can effectively capture and manage data specific to your lead generation needs to streamline the process and make informed decisions based on real-time data insights. If you need your leads to upload files when completing a form then Titan has you covered, users can upload files and attachments to your forms quickly and easily. All attachments will be stored in Salesforce without you needing to jump through any coding and integration hoops.

Automated Lead Capture in Salesforce

Titan supports automated leads in Salesforce, we recommend that you link your forms directly to Salesforce so that the data is automatically captured without manual intervention. Not only does this benefit your business but also your customers as they can easily complete a form to get the information they require by having you reach out to them. Having your forms easily accessible on your website or creating an auto pop-up means that the user does not have to spend time locating your form.

Linking Forms to Salesforce Lead Nurturing Campaign

If you’re looking to link forms to specific lead nurturing campaigns, ensure you customize your form to include information about your campaign, such as your campaign ID. This can make it easy to track the success of your campaigns in Salesforce down the line as the forms completed will be clearly labeled for specific campaign efforts. When working with Titan, you can hide information like campaign ID in your form so it is not exposed to your end user ensuring the integrity of various campaigns if they are running at the same time.

Generating Leads and Maximizing ROI with Web Form Builder

Convert those web visitors into valuable leads by implementing a fully integrated Salesforce form builder. When choosing your tool ensure it can work with any user interface, any logic, and multiple Salesforce objects with no limits so you are never left wanting. Using Titan you can automatically turn that web traffic into Salesforce leads without needing to know code. Build any kind of lead generation form you can think of from something more generic to targeted lead nurturing campaigns. You can track the progress and success of your efforts in real-time as all data syncs automatically with Salesforce so you never have to remember to click a button before you can start making headway on your leads again.

If you want more information or a demo of these great features, head over to https://titandxp.com/ to get all your questions answered.

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