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Payment Options

Our course prices remain unchanged since Aug 2020 at US$20 each.

Stripe is our primary payment method, allowing secure payment via Credit Card. We never store your card details.

We frequently have sales and offer significant discounts on our courses. Follow us on Social Media or check our monthly newsletter for our specials.

We do offer discounts to groups of 10 or more users in a single purchase. Please contact and provide details of your requirements.

Yes, we don’t want unhappy customers! Check our Refund Policy here.

Course Content

Yes, we use the official Salesforce exam guides to design the lessons and topics in each course.

We also use some Trailhead content to supplement the course. There is no point in recreating the already awesome content provided by Trailhead – but we will guide you through the Trailhead maze and not leave you aimlessly wandering off on the wrong trail!

Yes, provided you complete all the course material and activities you will be well-prepared for the exam. Do the practice exams as many times as you need to consistently score 80-90%. Practising in your own developer org is also an excellent way to help prepare you for the exam and consolidate your understanding – all our courses include instructions for creating a new developer org for exactly this purpose.

We try hard to ensure all content is kept up to date with the very latest Salesforce release. Note: Salesforce exams are always 1-2 releases behind the current release of the software.

Yes, most of the courses include a recommended study guide to help you plan your weekly study.

Some people are visual learners and prefer video, others prefer to read step-by-step instructions illustrated with images and screenshots. We provide both types to suit these two learning styles. You can choose to use either or a mix of both. In a few circumstances, only written instructions are provided and the video will refer you back to this content where appropriate.

Yes, most of the courses have practice exams and quizzes that you can take as often as you wish in preparing for your official exam.

No, the practice exams are included in the enrolment fee.

Yes, most courses include practical projects or activities where you get hands-on practice with the skills you are learning. Sometimes these are custom activities that we provide and where appropriate we will refer to a Trailhead module or project.

No, your course purchase at CertifyCRM is for a lifetime subscription, there are no expiry time limits.

See details about your instructors here.

No, the official exams are managed by Salesforce and delivered by Kryterion. Most exams are US$200 but you may be able to obtain a voucher to reduce the cost.

There is no need for a separate mobile app as our website is responsive and most content (apart from doing practical activities) can be viewed on a mobile phone or tablet.

General Salesforce Questions

Salesforce is a suite of cloud-based apps that are used by organizations large and small to manage sales, service, marketing, e-commerce, non-profits, and industries. Starting with Sales in 1999, Salesforce has expanded into many other business functions and industries. Much of this expansion has been through the acquisition of related products. Salesforce currently has over 150,000 customers worldwide. Notable customers include T-Mobile, Western Union, Amazon Web Services, Walmart, The New York Post, American Express, and Toyota. 90% of Fortune 500 companies use Salesforce. Salesforce has a third (33%) of the CRM market with Microsoft Dynamics at 22% and Oracle at 11%.

Yes, it is a great career option that will challenge your skills and enhance your business understanding, There are many career options including admins, app builders, business analysts, developers and architects.

You can attend an in-person Salesforce training course (Administrator course costs approx US$3,500) or you can prepare using any other training resources that you can find (such as our courses). It does not matter how you do your exam preparation, as long as you are adequately prepared and sit and pass the official exam.

If you are very comfortable using a web browser, can use apps like Microsoft Office to an intermediate level of complexity, and can dedicate the time to complete the study, you can achieve Salesforce certification. Being a good problem solver and logical thinker with an inquisitive mind will certainly help!

The Salesforce Associate will take between 20-40 hours of study. The Salesforce Administrator certification will take between 40-60 hours of study. The other courses have similar study requirements (40-60 hours).

Yes, you can but you will likely be ranked lower than other applicants that have experience and certifications, making it difficult. If your employer is about to implement Salesforce and has selected you to be part of the project (or to be the admin) then you can certainly learn on the job as you go.

The course that best suits your learning style is the one that is best for you. Some learners are self-motivated and well-organized and can thrive with online learning. Some learners need discipline and the fast pace of instructor lead training in a classroom environment. Video-based content suits visual learners, while those learners who perform better by reading will be well suited to written instructions and screenshots that show step-by-step processes.

Our online courses offer both video-based content and written instructions with step-by-step processes.

Yes, you can achieve the Salesforce Associate or Salesforce Administrator certification in 3 months. You will need to dedicate at least 4-6 hours per week for the 12 weeks to achieve this.

About the Exams

You can choose to either do the exam in person at a testing centre or online via the secure Kryterion environment (webcam required)

Go here to schedule a Salesforce exam.

  • Photo ID
  • A positive attitude!

It depends on the exam:

  • Salesforce Associate 40 questions, 70 mins (passing score 62%)
  • Salesforce Certified Administrator 60 questions, 105 minutes (passing score 65%)
  • Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder 60 questions, 105 minutes (passing score 63%)
  • Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator 60 questions, 105 minutes (passing score 65%)
  • Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant 60 questions, 105 minutes (passing score 68%)
  • Salesforce Associate US$75, (retakes are free)
  • Salesforce Certified Administrator US$200, (retake fee $100)
  • Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder US$200 (retake fee $100)
  • Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator US$200 (retake fee $100)
  • Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant US$200 (retake fee $100)

While the certification lasts indefinitely, you need to do an annual maintenance test to keep it current.

The email address you use to register for the exams is the one where the reminders will be sent (make sure this is a personal email in case you move jobs). Your first annual maintenance test will be due 12 months after gaining your certification.

This is difficult without knowing what you already know and how much experience you already have.
We have developed study guides for most courses that break your study down into an easy 12-16 week program.
Depending on how quickly you can understand the concepts and remember the key facts, it may take you longer or you may complete the course in less time.
Some experienced Salesforce admins have completed courses in as little as 2 days.

No hard copy or online materials may be referenced during the exam. You will be asked to remove smart watches and phones from the testing environment and have a clean desk.

Jobs in the Salesforce ecosystem

Yes, there are plenty! There are thousands of customers that use Salesforce and need skilled professionals to install, configure and administer the platform. Whether there are vacant positions in your home town or regional area is not something we can advise as the market is constantly changing.

Generally very well, considering you do not need a degree (certifications and experience will generally be more favourably viewed).

To get an idea of the salary range for a variety of roles in different geographic regions, download the annual Salesforce Salary and Careers Guide from recruitment firm Mason Frank International.

Salesforce job roles include Admins, App Builders, Developers, Business Analysts, Trainers, Testers, Architects, and many other roles where advanced user skills are required.

Any industry that has a sales and service function, performs marketing activities and uses e-Commerce or user portals (Experience Cloud). There are also some industry-specific packages that enhance the sales and service functions for industries like telecommunications, media, non-profits, automotive, education, energy and utilities, financial services, government, healthcare and life sciences.

More information about these industries can be found here.

Salesforce Administrator Questions

Anyone who is considering a career in Salesforce as an Admin, App Builder or Developer should take this certification first. It is the foundation for learning how to administer the platform.

There are no prerequisites but with the new Associate course now available it would be a good stepping stone to take prior to the Admin certification.

The Salesforce Administrator certification will take between 40-60 hours of study.

If you are very comfortable using a web browser, can use apps like Microsoft Office to an intermediate level of complexity, and can dedicate the time to complete the study, you can achieve Salesforce certification. Being a good problem solver and logical thinker with an inquisitive mind will certainly help!

The Salesforce Certified Administrator exam has 60 questions, you have 105 minutes to complete the exam with a passing score of 65%.

Yes, it is a very satisfying and well-paying career.

With over 150,000 customers using Salesforce worldwide, there is a significant demand for administrators in each of these organizations. 62% of those customers are in the US, 16.5% in the UK, and the remainder worldwide.

The day-to-day duties of an entry-level admin will include user account maintenance, creating reports and dashboards, performing troubleshooting, and user support. Configuring page layouts, lightning records pages, creating new fields, and building small apps will be other duties performed by junior admins. You may also perform some business analyst functions to define user requirements clearly.

No. As a Salesforce admin, you are not normally required to write any code. Salesforce can be configured with clicks-not-code and automation can be built with no-code tools like the flow builder. If you pursue a career as a developer, then you will be expected to know Apex, Javascript, HTML, and SQL.

The Salesforce Certified Administrator certification is the entry-level certification for a junior Administrator. Following this, the Platform App Builder and Advanced Administrator are recommended for more senior admin roles.