Salesforce Security Analogy

Salesforce Security Analogy: Having trouble understanding Salesforce security? You are not alone. Justin Dux recently posted this on LinkedIn and I added a bit more to it. He originally got it from a Salesforce Instructor.

Here is the detailed Salesforce Security Analogy:

User Access

You have a visitor pass that allows you entry to the building. (Salesforce username)

Salesforce Security Analogy - user access

Object Access

Your pass gives you access to the 4th floor as a visitor only with no staff privileges.

Record Level Access

There are many offices on the 4th floor, your pass allows you to open the door marked “Accounts” and look inside. Behind the counter are many filing cabinets but as a visitor you cannot access them. There is one on your side of the counter marked “Inactive Accounts”.

Field Level Access

You can view any of the records in the Inactive Accounts cabinet but the “Confidential Notes” field is redacted (blacked out) and security is watching that you do not attempt to write on or remove any of these records.

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