Salesforce Surveys for Effortless Feedback

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Sending surveys and collecting feedback underpins the growth and success of any organization. Whether it be measuring customer satisfaction, net promoter scores, or finding out if your employees are happy in the workplace, sending surveys and gathering survey data gives you deeper insight into your organization’s strengths and weaknesses. This empowers you to build upon existing strengths and address weaknesses before they become an issue and start to impact your ideal roadmap and KPIs. 

While surveys are essential to the long-term success of your business, this doesn’t mean that all survey tools are created equal. With the rapid spread of digitization over the last couple of decades, enterprises and smaller businesses no longer have to face the manual slog of sending out paper-based surveys and sorting through each response by hand. There are now a range of digital survey tools on the market to make your life way easier. Of these, we strongly recommend choosing a survey solution that integrates seamlessly with your Salesforce CRM. This will give you access to deep insights into respondents via intuitive analytics and dashboards. Within Salesforce you can analyze respondent data, gain an individualized perspective on every customer, and automate numerous follow-up actions such as “Thank you” emails and phone calls to dissatisfied customers. The beauty of using Salesforce surveys is that you get a single source of truth for all of your respondent data so that you can analyze responses against customer trends, previous survey data, and other data from similar responses.

Integrating your surveys with Salesforce can streamline your feedback collection, there are some considerations to bear in mind. Firstly, Salesforce’s basic surveys feature is very limited and isn’t suitable for the needs of small businesses or large enterprises. You can of course purchase Salesforce Feedback Management as an add-on product but if so, be ready to pay high license fees and invest in development work for custom use cases. We suggest choosing a third-party solution from the Salesforce AppExchange to help you send out surveys integrated with Salesforce. Many of these tools come with a lighter price tag and provide greater flexibility. 

So now that we have a better understanding of surveys for Salesforce, let’s dive in.

Create Survey

First up, you may be wondering how to create a survey in Salesforce. Enabling Salesforce’s basic surveys feature is simple and easy to do. You need to enable the surveys feature in Salesforce, name your survey, enter a custom welcome message, add questions, customize your branding using the available options, and then save and activate your survey. After this, it will be sent to participants. For a more detailed breakdown of these steps, including screenshots, read this article on Salesforce surveys.

Setting up a basic survey in Salesforce, as discussed above, really is incredibly simple and requires zero code. The issue is that this free survey feature is capped at only 300 responses and you can’t send to a wide variety of record types or perform advanced automations. If you want to further customize your survey and extend the limits on responses, you will need to purchase Salesforce Feedback Management. It is important to bear in mind that even these more sophisticated products require coding and development to get the most out of them.

So what’s the best Salesforce Survey Tool?

As we have mentioned above, Salesforce’s native survey solutions do come with some drawbacks and limitations. This does not mean that you can’t enjoy all the data-drive power of Salesforce integrated with your surveys. Here we take you through 3 of the top Salesforce survey tools on the AppExchange: 

  1. Survey Monkey has been around for a while now and it is a highly respected name in the world of online surveys. But does the product live up to the name? Well, Survey Monkey does have a built-in Salesforce integration and this product does have several great features such as conditional logic, no-code data collection, and the ability to help you create custom reports based on your surveys. Unfortunately, there are also some significant limitations to using this tool, namely that you can’t pre-fill survey information based on Salesforce data, it doesn’t offer a free trial, and the product is relatively expensive. 
  2. Question Pro Surveys is another tool you might want to consider when deciding how best to integrate your survey with Salesforce. This product comes with several advanced features such as question branching, sophisticated data and analytics, and online communities. Despite many useful features Question Pro, like Survey Monkey, comes with a significant price tag, the more advanced features come with a challenging learning curve, and it is tough to fully customize these surveys without using development. 
  3. Finally on this list is Titan Survey! With hundreds of 5-star reviews on the AppExchange, Titan Surveys is known for offering fully customized surveys for Salesforce using absolutely no code. Coming in at a fraction of the price of its competitors, Titan enables you to collect feedback swiftly, pre-fill survey information based on Salesforce data, and send submissions to your CRM in real time. The only drawback is that if you want to engage in development, you can’t. These are declarative, code-free tools that give you the ability to create surveys without special technical knowledge.

Salesforce Survey Tips

When choosing the right survey solution for Salesforce we strongly suggest that you know what you want to achieve when you build a survey. Have your budget and target audience in mind, and have a clear idea of whether you want to engage in custom development or not. Ultimately, it’s up to you to analyze the specs of your project and figure out what is feasible and what is not. We suggest going for a codeless solution that speeds up time to market and removes the need for ongoing development. Unless you have a team of skilled in-house developers, this will make it easier to create survey forms.

Survey Forms Summary

And that’s a wrap on survey forms for Salesforce. We hope you learned more about the advantages of integrating your surveys with Salesforce, the importance of researching Salesforce surveys pricing, and the requirements you need to look into before you build a survey.

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