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An Adventure to Camp Trailhead

Salesforce mascots Astro, Codey and Ruth headed off to Camp Trailhead to have a weekend away. They had just attended three crazy days of Dreamforce, performed with the Foo Fighters, had selfies taken with all sorts of friendly strangers and walked a mile in bare feet. It was time for some downtime!

Like every good adventure, it was important to be prepared. They each took their favourite tool.

Astro took a trusty Swiss army knife, a great tool that has many uses. Codey, being experienced in the woods, knew the importance of fire and took a chainsaw. Ruth took a compass, knowing it would steer them in the right direction.

As night approached, they all agreed that building a fire to keep warm was a high priority.

Codey argued that a chainsaw was the only proper way to cut a large amount of wood for their fire.

A chainsaw is built for this job, it’s fast, efficient and professionals like me can do a good job with this tool.


Astro pointed out that to make a fire they needed some kindling and the small saw blade on the Swiss army knife would be just the thing to cut some small branches. Codey disagreed, thinking the chainsaw could also do that job.

Ruth was concerned about finding a safe, sheltered place to set up their camp. Both Astro and Codey were more concerned with collecting fuel.

Astro used the small saw on the Swiss army knife to cut some small branches to help light the fire. Codey used the chainsaw to cut some logs to keep the fire burning long through the night. Ruth guided them to the right place on their map to not only collect firewood but also to select a sheltered place, protected from the wild westerly winds.

Where was Einstein you asked?

Einstein is way too smart for camping. Einstein’s first prediction was that eventually the adventurous trio would identify the best tools for the job and work together to achieve success. The second prediction was that it would be a cool night with a high chance of rain and even snow. The next best action was sitting by the campfire back at Camp Slack, wiggling that moustache at Dave Grohl.

What was the significance of the chainsaw and the swiss army knife? Well of course Codey is a developer and can never see past using Apex for every problem that presents itself. Astro on the other hand knows that sometimes flow is the best tool for the job 😊

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