Disable User Flow

Disable User Flow: a quick and easy flow to disable user accounts in Salesforce.

Create a new screen flow, it will have these elements when completed:

Add a screen element

Give the header a name:

Add a message to display (Display Text component):

Add a picklist component:

Configure the choice set (type = Record):

Filter out those that are inactive or have no company name to exclude the built-in accounts.

Add an Update Record element:

Save, activate, and run the flow:

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  1. I created a new action and set it on the Account page layout. When I select the User and hit the next button it loads and nothing happens. The user is still active. Please advise.

  2. Hi Jeremy, you could add a global quick action to call this flow from anywhere. To work out why your flow is not working, run it in debug mode (within the flow) and analyse each step to see if you are passing and receiving back the correct values you expect. You can also enable the debug log as well and you can get finer-grained info with that.

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