Salesforce Administrator Interview Questions

These Salesforce Administrator Interview Questions are designed to gain a deeper understanding of the applicant’s knowledge, skills and experience for a Salesforce Administrator role.

In the next article, I will provide some sample answers to these Salesforce Administrator Interview Questions.

  1. Tell us what you know about <our company>.
  2. Describe how profiles and roles work in Salesforce and the best practices when implementing them.
    • Supplementary: Are there any new features that you would use in implementing them?
  3. What is a use case for a junction object? How are junction objects configured in Salesforce?
  4. Tell us about the most advanced Salesforce automation you have built, what business problem you were solving, and the tools you used.
  5. Tell us about your skills in building Experience Cloud sites (communities) and detail what you have built. 
  6.  What would you do when a user is not able to access records in Salesforce? 
  7. What is a use case for implementing record types? What advantages do they offer? 
  8. How do entitlements work in Service Cloud? Provide a simple explanation for an executive and then provide a more technical explanation for a junior administrator. 
  9. A user has created a report on cases and wants to sort by the region of the account that is related to the case but cannot find the region field in the report builder. What could be wrong? 
  10. Do you have any experience in integrating Salesforce with other systems? Please tell us about your role in this integration process. 
  11. What would you do in this situation? After a month or so in your new role, you have found that your workload is overwhelming and the number of requests for help is beyond what you can cope with. 
  12. You get stuck on a problem that you cannot resolve. What do you do next?
  13. How do you keep your Salesforce skills and knowledge up to date?
  14. Tell us about your experience in making changes to the Salesforce environment and how you implement those changes into production. 
  15. Describe the types of teams you have worked with and how you worked well with each of the different personalities.
  16. Do you prefer to work as part of a team or independently? And why? 
  17. When you are in a team situation what role do you usually play?
  18. How do you try to motivate a team member that seems disengaged? 
  19. What do you think makes a successful team? 
  20. Why should you be hired for this position?
  21.  How can we automatically assign incoming leads to the right people?
  22. When creating a new field in the opportunity object, you get an error: Maximum number of fields reached. What do you do now?

Read my answers to these Salesforce Administrator Interview Questions in the next article…

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