Is there a STAR in your Resume?

Is there a STAR in your Resume? If your resume reads like a list of duties then you need to fix it.

Does this look familiar (a Customer Service Officer role)

  • Responded to customer inquiries related to driver licensing, determined applicant status, and provided information regarding test procedures and regulations relating to all classes of licenses
  • Stayed up to date and followed all current policy and procedure in driver license qualification and exchanges
  • Distributed and verified application forms for accuracy and completeness
  • Directed and processed driver examinations and supported customer concerns

(taken from a real LinkedIn profile)

What’s wrong with that?

There is no problem being solved, no explanation of what they did and there is no measurement of success. This is just a job description or duty statement. Sound familiar? 90% of resumes read like this.

Recruiters are looking for problem solvers.

If you can demonstrate that you have solved the same or a similar problem the the recruiter thinks “Maybe they can solve that problem for us?”

Let’s Fix It

If we apply the STAR Method to this role, the results will be vastly different.

The STAR method is: (more info here)

  • Situation – describe the situation/role and your responsibilities.
  • Task – what was the task/problem you were solving?
  • Action – what actions did you take to solve this problem?
  • Result – what was the measurable impact?

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The Result

As the Customer Service Officer for driver licensing at XYZ County, my role was to help applicants navigate the complicated procedures and examination process to gain their license. To reduce delays and provide better guidance to applicants I developed a set of infographics that explained the process for each license type. When posted to our website there was an immediate decrease in enquiries (20%) and our weekly CSAT scores increased by 15%.

Go make yourself the STAR in your resume by applying these methods!

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