Salesforce Summer 23 Features

The Salesforce Summer 23 Features are out now. It’s time to take a look at what new features we can start to utilize.

Analytics (Reports & Dashboards)

Widgets replace dashboard components for Salesforce Unlimited edition licenses (hopefully the rest will get access in the next release). When building dashboards, you can now add widgets that contain images and rich text. This is a great feature to allow you to provide further information to describe the dashboard. The number of dashboard filters has also been expanded to 5, for unlimited licences.

Salesforce Summer 23 Features - dashboards

Analytics Home is the new home for all Reports and Dashboards. If you are using CRM Analytics (the Tableau solution for Salesforce) then they are all in there too. From the App Launcher, select Analytics to start exploring the new Analytics Home app.

Salesforce Summer 23 Features - analytics home

Sales Enhancements

Opportunity Product Splits allowing revenue from an opportunity to be split by product. Previously this could only be done at the opportunity level. Now you can separate this. If your opportunity includes physical products plus installation/service products you can now allocate a percentage of the Opportunity revenue to the service team that helped to secure the deal or who will provide the service.

In the example below, the sales person (Sally) shared the revenue for the first product but retained all the revenue for the second product:

Salesforce Summer 23 Features - splits

When forecasts are created on the Opportunity Product Split object, sales teams can project what revenue they will receive based on the deals they own or for those they are supporting. Standard reports for Opportunity Splits are also provided.

External data sources are now available for forecasting. Use custom fields for numbers or currency figures to integrate into existing forecasts, keeping all your forecasting data in one place.

Salesforce Summer 23 Features forecasting

Learn more about Forecasting Enhancements. 

Process Builder

The 2nd generation automation tool – Process Builder has now been retired. Flow Builder and flow automations offer much better performance and many more features than Process Builder. This retirement is no surprise, Salesforce Admins have been advised well in advance of this retirement and have been upskilling with flow.

Along with the retirement of process Builder is an improved migration tool to migrate automations into flow. Old Process Builder automations that contain scheduled actions are now supported by the migration tool.

In-App Guidance gets more granular

Admins can now configure In-App Guidance to target any field on a page to provide much more granular assistance than available before. Have a new field that users need additional help with? – this is a perfect use case.

Calendar Improvements

There have been lots of improvements made to the calendar.

One-click access to your calendar when viewing from the New Event icon in the activities panel.

Other new calendar features include:

  • The ability to view up to 500 events.
  • Enable events for up to 50 shared calendars and resources.
  • Drag events to reschedule.
  • Click an event to preview (instead of hovering).
  • View overlapping event tiles, expanded test, and shaded coloring for dates in the past.
Salesforce Summer 23 Features- calendar

Send Email Feature

While this is an admin feature that can be used when building flows, users will appreciate that when an automation is built and it sends an email to a customer, this is automatically logged and can be seen in the activity timeline. No more “system” emails being sent to customers without the account owner being aware of them. This helps provide a 360-degree view of all communication with the customer.

Accessibility Improvements

Some icons have changed color slightly to meet accessibility standards. The changes are subtle but they provide improved contrast for vision impaired users.

Performance Improvements

There have been several areas where performance improvements have been implemented. This includes home page components where over 80% of components use the new Lightning Web Components technology to improve performance, provide better accessibility support and better service availability.

Flow Data Table

When building flows to automate your business, you can now add a Search Bar to the Data Table to allow search in displayed records. Tables can display up to 1500 records, with 200 records displayed initially; and groups of 100 additional records as required.

Barcode Scanning is now easier with Barcode Scanning for the Salesforce Mobile App. You can now enable scanning multiple barcodes simultaneously. Bulk and multi-scanning options are available to support processing the barcodes after scanning is completed.

News, Automated Account Fields, and Account Logos Are Being Retired

The News, automated account fields and automated account logo features are being retired on October 13, 2023. After these account features are retired, Salesforce won’t prompt users with suggestions for account names or fill out fields or add company logos automatically. The News component will be removed from page layouts.

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