Salesforce Admin Practice Exams

When gearing up for the Salesforce admin exam, I discovered that practicing with various sets of questions was a game-changer. Different authors bring unique perspectives, emphasizing different aspects of the topics. By diversifying practice exams, you increase your chances of mastering all the material. This is where the Salesforce Admin Practice Exams really shine!

Salesforce Admin Practice Exams

If you only use a single source of questions then you may miss out on testing yourself on critical knowledge.

Salesforce admin practice exam questions

With over a decade of experience delivering online Salesforce admin training, I’ve curated a brand new set of practice exams. 🎉 Each set comprises 60 questions (just like the real deal), totaling 300 questions across 5 exams. Plus, they’re timed to simulate the pressure of the actual exam.

There is a mix of single answer and multiple answer questions and some have lengthy descriptions – just like the real deal. You need to practice reading questions quickly while not missing out on critical details like “which of the following is not ….”. Just a single keyword missed can completely change the question.

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What makes these Salesforce Admin practice exams stand out? They offer randomized questions and answers, ensuring a fresh challenge each time you practice. And just like my popular online courses, I’ve kept them accessible at only $10 for lifetime access.

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Either you get super hyped up or you get super exam prepped – your choice!

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Sample Questions:

Salesforce admin practice exam question

The Setup Audit Trail is only kept for six months so archiving it off somewhere safe every six months will mean you have the complete history.

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Salesforce admin practice exam question
This is an example where you have to read the question very carefully. It’s not a matter of applying a validation rule but “automatically updating” the records. So after the phone number is entered a record-triggered flow runs and corrects the format to ensure it meets the standardized phone number format.

You can try on your own if you want but remember it’s $100 for a retry

Salesforce admin practice exam question

Some questions will have multiple answers. In this question, all answers apart from the last one are correct. You can’t dynamically change a Dynamic Action from one option to another. This is a good example of a “distractor” answer. If you don’t know your content well, you will fall for answers like this that look plausible.

Smart move, you are on your way to success!

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