5 Ways to Optimize Salesforce for Marketing

Specially written for CertifyCRM.com
By: Rosanna Joy

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Salesforce is a cloud customer relationship management (CRM) software platform. With services that cater to various industries like customer service, finance, HR, and supply chain management, Salesforce is a platform that is being used on a larger scale to improve business processes. Webopedia reports that the largest share of the CRM market is with Salesforce at 19.8%. As the industry leader, it can bring together data within customer touchpoints. Salesforce is also seen as a platform that has massive potential when it comes to implementing marketing strategies.

As we previously mentioned in our blog post on making the transition to Salesforce Flow, workflow rules and process builders will be replaced with Flow. This automation provides a better all-around performance that can be applied when you decide to optimize your Salesforce for marketing purposes. If you are not sure how you do this, take a look below as we take a look into the whole process.

Use data-driven messaging

In marketing, messaging is very important and is at the core of every successful campaign. Salesforce can be used to deliver data-driven messaging based on an individual’s current data. This way, the tool can trigger new messages based on real-time data changes and can help the customer along with their consumer journey. This will also help adjust the message being given to your leads because the tool can monitor if they are already customers and will give them the appropriate message for their new customer journey.

Maximize your team’s skills

Digital Connect Mag claims that marketing professionals tend to spend a lot of time on tedious and repetitive tasks. This can be detrimental to your marketing strategy since your team’s specialties aren’t being maximized – but Salesforce can remedy this. Maryville University outlines how the marketing industry is predicted to grow by 9% between 2016-2026, so marketers are in huge demand right now. Therefore, you don’t want to be wasting marketing resources on tasks that aren’t getting you the best results from your campaigns. Advertising managers, market research analysts, and digital marketing managers can help drive prospective customers to increase sales in your company. Moreover, these skilled professionals are also expected to keep up with trends and run marketing campaigns that will relate to the modern-day consumer’s needs. Salesforce makes this easier for them to do just that by automating tasks like customer engagement and lead generation to help them focus on more valuable marketing tasks, and as a result, also help with retention as marketers become even more valuable and sought after in the workplace.

Use it for B2B purposes

Salesforce is a platform made for B2C purposes, but that does not mean it doesn’t contribute when it comes to B2B marketing. Utilizing Salesforce in B2B spaces can optimize daily operations that help give businesses the best online experience. ICTSD explains that Salesforce is a great solution that can employ a multi-layered strategy to convert business prospects into customers. Salesforce also cultivates trust and adds value to your business as the platform can reduce friction in the buying process.

Engage customers in real-time

In a marketing strategy, having customer engagement in real-time is essential in helping your company stay relevant. Salesforce can do this by having dynamic components that create personalized experiences for every customer journey. Thus, Salesforce can be optimized to associate data that enables your company to create a better customer relationship. Communicating relevant content in a timely manner also reminds your customer about your presence and strengthens your relationship with them.

Measure your marketing campaigns

While other people forget this, measuring your marketing campaigns is important to the success of your marketing strategy. Using Salesforce to score campaign responses will help you get the data you need to know how well your campaign did. With the scoring feature, Salesforce can score your overall campaign performance across various platforms using your own KPIs to gauge success. It can also assess if the leads you have scored through your campaigns can be converted into consumers or if they need extra work.

Specially written for CertifyCRM.com
By: Rosanna Joy

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