Salesforce User Interface Design

Salesforce User Interface Design is about designing the human/machine interface and determining how the software product interacts with the human operator.

It’s not just making sure the right fields are on the page. We need to make sure the right fields are in the right place on the page, at the right time.

It’s about making sure the site navigation is logical and natural. If you have to provide formal training on navigation then this is a good indication you don’t have the navigation right.

It’s about the page being uncluttered and information being easy to find.

We apply a “less is more” principle. The less information on the page, the easier to find it, and the page will perform quicker.

Key features of a good Salesforce User Interface Design include:

  • Navigating around the system is quick and easy
  • Navigation is intuitive, if done well, you may not even require formal training
  • The system responds quickly to your commands
  • Key information is easy to find
  • The system will not be a hindrance, preventing you doing your job

Click the link below to explore our range of courses. We recommend the User Interface Design course which will step you through how to apply 25 tools to improve your UI Designs.