Salesforce User Interface Design Course

This Salesforce User Interface Design course is for Salesforce Administrators that want to improve the User Interface experience for their users. To make pages load faster, for users to be able to navigate easier and for information to be easier to find. By applying the techniques in this course, your users will hate Salesforce less and love you as the admin.

Delight your users with pages that are clean, clutter free and easy to navigate by completing the activities in this course. Use the step by step instructions or follow the 175 minutes of video content.

Here’s a snapshot of the topics we cover in this Salesforce User Interface Design Course:

  • Branding, Menus and Home Pages
  • List Views, Kanban Views and Split Views
  • Page Layouts, Compact Layouts
  • Lightning Record Pages, templates, tabs, component Visibility
  • Dynamic Actions and Dynamic Forms
  • Adding Path, Guidance, In-App Guidance and Confetti to Record Pages
  • Adding Duplicate Notifications to Record Pages
  • Adding Activities, Rich Text, Twitter, Charts to Record Pages
  • Adding Custom Components, Flows, Quick Actions to Record Pages
  • Dynamic Related Lists and the Utility Bar
  • A Project Plan to implement these features in your org
  • Exam Resources and Helpful Blogs