Spring ’24 for End Users

There’s a lot written about the new features for each Salesforce release but in this article (Spring ’24 for End Users) I only focus on those features that will appeal to end users.

With another Salesforce release imminent (Jan 12, Feb 2, Feb 9) along comes a slew of new features in Spring ’24. We spend the time to dig through hundreds of pages of release notes to pick out the key features that will impact you – the business user of Salesforce. While there are plenty of other changes that occur “under the hood”, we try to focus on the changes that you can see and use every day.

If your environment has already been upgraded to Spring ’24 you will see the new logo when you login or refresh a page. It looks like a cross between Steve Irwin and Einstein. 😊

Spring ’24 for End Users:

Head over to KeyNode Solutions where I present all these gems.

spring '24 for end users