Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant Course

Our Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant Course takes a different approach to prepare students for their certification.

Instead of following each section of the official curriculum in order, we take a very different approach.

We divide the course up into 10 sections and define the “pain points” for each section. We then configure a “sprint” where we perform all the configuration tasks that are need to resolve those pain points. The result is that after each sprint we have a fully working system that has solved a number of business “pain points” and can immediately be used by the business users.

We then review the pain points for the next sprint and proceed to configure and solve them too.

We repeat this process 10 times creating what could be used as a “blueprint” that could be used by any company wanting to implement Sales Cloud. The advantage of this approach is they don’t have to wait until all 10 sections are complete, each sprint delivers a complete working system with new features.

The Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant Course still covers the implementation of all the major features for the Sales Cloud.