Salesforce Flow

Learning Salesforce Flow. This is the main point-and-click automation for the Salesforce platform. The Flow Builder tool allows you to build quite sophisticated automations (flows) to meet the unique needs of your business. Whether it be a simple automation to update default values on a record or a sophisticated wizard that takes several user inputs to perform a complex task, Flow Builder is capable of meeting these needs.

Salesforce flow

Having the skills to build automations with Flow Builder is a key skill for a Salesforce Administrator.

Salesforce Flow course

To learn more about Flow, check out our entry-level course Learning Salesforce Flow where you will learn the basics of Flow, creating 25 flows, covering all the types of flows available, the core Interaction, Logic and Data elements, and the many components you can include in your automation.

We also provide guidance on best practices for flow building, references to extend your flows, and the “Flownatics” that you need to follow on Social Media to continue your flow journey.
With these building blocks, you are ready to tackle your business automation problems with Flow.