Salesforce Certification Cost

Salesforce Certification Cost: What do the exams cost?

How much do Salesforce Certification Exams cost?

Associate courses (Salesforce Associate, AI Associate, Marketing Associate) are US$75.

The majority of the exams cost US$200.

Fees for “architect” level exams are US$400.

Fees for the Certified Technical Architect are US$6,000 (includes an in-person board-level presentation)

These fees are for exams only.

What if I fail an exam?

You can re-take an exam for 50% of the original fee.

Where do I book my Salesforce exam?

WebAssessor administers the exams for Salesforce.

To book your Salesforce certification exam, go here to log in to WebAssessor:

If you do not have a webassessor account, you can create an account there and select the exam you require.