How to become Salesforce certified

How to become Salesforce certified. There are two main paths you can follow to gain Salesforce certification.

The Official Path

Path one: You attend the official Salesforce certification courses run by Salesforce University that cost approximately US$600 per day (eg $3,000 for Salesforce Administrator) to prepare you for the exam and then sit and hopefully pass the official exam (US$200). Total cost for most certifications is approx. U$3,200.

The Affordable Path

Path two: You do your own training preparation using 3rd party courses (such as courses offered here by, use Trailhead to supplement your training, use provided practice exams and then sit the official exam. Total cost less than US$250.

At we have championed the affordable path for approximately 10 years and have helped thousands of students to achieve their certification goals. We do this with a simple formula – we provide the material, you provide the effort and motivation.

How to become Salesforce certified – it’s not a complex process. You complete the training material – we provide a mixture of both written and video material. You can take as long as you like to complete your training, you can review and repeat sections as often as you like until the concepts just “click”. Everyone learns at a different pace and using different learning styles so we try to support each style. We provide practice exams that randomly select questions that are similar in content to the official exam. You can practice these questions as often as you like until you are comfortable with the format of questioning. Finally, we provide a practical project for most of our courses. This helps to consolidate the theory and practice.