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This User Interface Design course complements the new Salesforce certification: Salesforce Certified User Experience (UX) Designer covering the Declarative Design (27% of the assessment).

Delight your users with pages that are clean, clutter free and easy to navigate by completing the activities in this course. Use the step by step instructions or follow the 175 minutes of video content.

There are many other topics you need to study to prepare for this certification, see the User Experience Designer – Exam Resources at the end of the course for additional material that covers much of the remaining content.

What did others say?

***** EXCELLENT COURSE! Truly enjoyed refreshing my skills to build a better user experience using dynamic forms and dynamic actions… great quick tips and reminders! Thanks for the hands-on UX practice! – Conni, June 2024

***** I love the course. It provides over 20 features to change the UI for users that involve no coding, which will benefit a company monetarily. – Constance, May 2024.

***** This course was easy to follow and well-instructed. I liked having the option of either following the video or reading through instructions myself. The videos helped if the instructions were not clear. I felt much less nervous about UX in Salesforce than I did at the start of the course and feel the complexities of UX within SF are much more manageable than anticipated. – Rosey, October 2023

Who is this Course For?

User Interface Design is for Salesforce Administrators that want to improve the User Interface experience for their users. To make pages load faster, for users to be able to navigate easier and for information to be easier to find. By applying the techniques in this course, your users will hate Salesforce less and love you as the admin.

I’ve put together everything I know into this course to equip you with the skills to design awesome Apps, Home Pages and Lightning Record Pages.

  • Delight your users with pages that are clean, clutter free and easy to navigate.
  • Only display fields when they are needed – less is more!
  • Provide on-screen assistance to guide users through new or complex processes.
  • Make data entry a breeze, not a chore.
  • Utilize Dynamic Actions and Dynamic Forms to display the right information at the right time
  • Display related data to give a 360-degree view of the customer

Are there any prerequisites?

There are no prerequisites. Being a Certified Administrator will certainly help but is not required.

What does the Course Cover?

Here’s a snapshot of the topics we cover:

  • Branding, Menus and Home Pages
  • List Views, Kanban Views and Split Views
  • Page Layouts, Compact Layouts
  • Lightning Record Pages, templates, tabs, component Visibility
  • Dynamic Actions and Dynamic Forms
  • Adding Path, Guidance, In-App Guidance and Confetti to Record Pages
  • Adding Duplicate Notifications to Record Pages
  • Adding Activities, Rich Text, Twitter, Charts to Record Pages
  • Adding Custom Components, Flows, Quick Actions to Record Pages
  • Dynamic Related Lists and the Utility Bar
  • A Project Plan to implement these features in your org
  • Exam Resources and Helpful Blogs

Course Content

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User Interface Customization
Lightning Record Page Customization
Exam Resources