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  1. Hi Daryl,

    I enrolled for Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder on 30 Dec 2016 and was able to access the course since morning but suddenly I am getting error as “You can not enrol yourself in this course.”

    Please look into this. I have my exam tomorrow morning.
    My Username : rumit0304
    Email Id:
    This is my Receipt No: 1702-5533-5823-8688
    I purchased App Builder course on 30-Dec-2016 12:32:13 PST

    1. Please try again now, I have fixed the problem.

      My sincere apologies for this issue. I have an issue with my Paypal account that prevented me from receiving any new enrolments so I thought I better change the PayPal setting to not allow any new enrolments. Unfortunately this also prevented any existing users who had accounts that had used Paypal in the past to also login.

      All should be ok now.


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